Working closely with developers, designers and architects to understand design concept this allows us to study and propose the most suitable material for each application while considering aesthetic, intended use and cost.


We assure that materials meet the criteria for intended use or application in order to bring out a final list of materials Some of the criteria include: 

A) Study quarry status and most recent natural characteristics being produced by the quarry.

B) Consider full project quantities to study feasibility of desired range given the material selection.

C) Analyze applications to determine whether problems may arise with intended use.

D) Propose alternate materials that may perform better than original design expectation Samples and high-resolution material photos are part of our day to day service at this stag.



We perform quantity take-offs to determine a project’s scope and upon request we revert with pricing solution in a timely manner. 

We are transparent and share our pricing broken down in all stages involving material supply as requested by our client. This provides the best value to our clients, allowing informed decisions early in the process, providing clarity and efficiency gains.


Negotiation: With decades of natural stone procurement experience, we have knowledge of historic and current material and labor rates with factories, this ensures the client pays the”right” price.

Saving Share: We align our interests with our clients by providing transparency in transactions and sharing the savings while bringing projects to completion under original budgets.

We review project budgets and search for materials and factories that meet design intent at the most competitive prices without compromising on quality.



With a thorough review of all details implied, we identify and provide value engineering solutions that will eliminate unwanted costs, collaborate with the design team provide solutions for difficult or impossible to fabricate details, provide guidance on gaining installation efficiencies whether by material parameters or technical details.

This comprehensive view of a project from quarry to finished product provides the highest value to our clients.


Modern Stone has an internally standardized system to provide comprehensive management from start to finish on every project, with the ability to tailor the level of service to meet the needs of our clients. 

We have generated interactive, intuitive and graphic content that is
valuable to the site:

Production: documents and matrixes revealing weekly status of every item placed in an order.

Fabrication Schedules: presenting fabrication status, estimated departure and arrival dates.

Material Photo Reports: inspecting material at current fabrication stages.

documents and matrixes showing percent completion for each material and graphic content for all items.

Shipping: documents and matrixes showing packing lists and all shipping information for every item in the order.



Years of being present at the fabrication plants in Carrara (Italy) with more than a million square feet performed of dry lay, we have developed modern QA/QC methods that best provide value to our clients.

Factory dry lay for material has become the standard procedure which guarantees success in any project, utilizing the latest HD camera systems we document our inspection and generate the QA/QC report for each phase of fabrication. Providing photos along side the appropriate drawings simulating the installation effect once on site.

This allows for an active management quality control to be certain the client expectations are met.


Material quality, range, technical characteristics and packaging are all interconnected and part of this necessary stage during fabrication.


With a team of factory inspectors we assure the quality standards for each project are met, Our documentation and reports are available electronically throughout the process, providing transparency to our clients.


A) Coordinating with the factory to crate and label according to standards.

B) Directing factories to pack according to the site needs and requests.

C) Tracking shipments with our freight network and keep dynamic
communication flow for deliveries.

D) Providing accurate and detailed packing lists for intuitive use.

We understand that clear, concise communication is critical during this phase. We work closely with our team of shipping and customs houses to provide accurate updates throughout the shipping process.



With 30 years of experience in large construction projects, we also provide installation and design analysis to allow for efficient and effective installation details and methods.

We are committed to be fully immersed in the complete project – prior to installation and during the process.

With our depth of experience, we provide detailed analysis of both the costs and time required for installation. Providing multiple scenarios of material formats and assemblies to simplify installation, this lowers install costs while ensuring quality is maintained.

With experience in all types of installation labor we can offer guidance on the options available today.


Review of each material’s intended use and finish in order to determine which sealer and maintenance products are best suited for the project.

Whether sealers or other material treatments we provide recommendations for mulitple product options and instructions for utilization that should be followed to preserve the material over time.